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The Missouri Association of Sewer Districts is dedicated to safeguarding public health and safety by preserving, protecting and improving the quality of Missouri's water environment by promoting wastewater collection and treatment to individuals, municipalities, sewer districts, and industry, and shall provide a forum for education and the exchange of information that promotes sound environmental policy, in addition to building alliances among sewer districts throughout the State.
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Welcome to the official site of the Missouri Association of Sewer Districts (MASD). This association was formed in an effort to meet the needs of the growing number of public wastewater service providers formed under Chapters 204, 247 and 249 of the Missouri Revised Statutes and by special charter of the Missouri Constitution.

The formative purpose of the association is to be a common point of contact for issues and concerns, a source of sharing and problem solving, an avenue for networking among peers, and a catalyst for education of our common purposes, with a vision to grow with the needs of the membership.

We encourage you to visit with association members, visit one or more of our board meetings and eventually join us after reviewing our bylaws and criteria for membership.

Our associate members are also vitally important not only to our organization but to our everyday wastewater management needs. Each of these individuals or companies provides professional and technical support in our day-to-day construction and operations activities. We encourage you to visit with our associate members about your local needs as they arise. Each has a special area of expertise. If you are interested in associate membership, you will find this information on this site.

We look forward to meeting you and/or hearing your needs as MASD continues its mission in providing a vital service in keeping Missouri a clean and healthy place to live, work and play.

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Columbia, MO 65205-7233
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